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Cardillac's demise

Made in 2018

with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign

The art of opera has been declining in number of visitors for a long time. Many young people are reluctant to enter the world of opera, often because of a notion that it is a very formal activity, and hence, also expensive. Many other types of entertainment, such as concerts, comedy shows and the cinema, are also competing for their attention. This makes the option of going to the opera land pretty low on the list for young people. This is something that I kept in mind while making this advertising poster for Operaballet Vlaanderen (note: this was a fictional assignment and not actually ordered by the opera). The younger generations often value storyline over singing voice, for example, which is why I aimed to convey the emotion of the story in a strong way.

Cardillac is the story of a goldsmith who is cold and materialistic. His unability to part with the jewellery that he himself has made leads him to his demise.

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