Made in 2018

with Adobe XD, Illustrator

Podcasts are a great way to educate and entertain yourself, and the interest in them seems to be growing. I, like many others, use an app to listen to podcasts through my phone. There are some problems with the app I’m using though. There are many functions and options there, but they are hard to find and I can never remember what I did to reach a certain page in it. Discovering new podcasts is uninspiring, since browsing is messy. This has led to me only using the basic functions that I’ve learnt how to deal with (being too lazy to try another app). The problems of this app sparked the drive in me to make a podcast app that I myself would love to use. Castcade is the result of this.

Castcade is designed to be as simple and personal as a podcast app can possibly be. Once you’ve downloaded and started using it, the app is supposed to be your space in the podcast jungle. That’s why the colour scheme can be changed and the My podcast area is easy to access and organize. The other half of the app is Find podcasts, where the user can browse, search and filter by subject, country and phrase. In both My podcasts and Find podcasts, content is clearly divided into Shows and Episodes. There are no unneccessary steps or pages in Castcade. Everything is made for the user to be able to quickly get familiar and comfortable with the app.

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