Herrtorps Qvarn

Made in 2017

with CSS, PHP

in cooperation with Albin Johansson and Julia Palm

Herrtorps Qvarn is an old watermill located in western Sweden. It is also a hotel and restaurant, and offers a range of outdoor activities during the summer. Since its website was aged, Herrtorps Qvarn was in need of something new, fully functional and responsive. The job was assigned to me and two co-students.

The main challenge in this project was to keep the client’s core graphic language as much as possible, while giving the website a boost in modernity and practicality. There was also a need of a new information architecture, since the site had been reported as being hard to navigate. The old website did not even quite align with Herrtorps Qvarn’s graphic language, which meant that we had to study printed material more than we did the actual website when it came to design. In the final result, we have successfully interpreted the traditional, earthy tone of Herrtorps Qvarn through clean and current web design.

The website of Herrtorps Qvarn can be visited here.

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