Lo Skincare

Made in 2018

with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, XD

This brand solution is for a fictional client, dermatologist Lisette Ohlsson, starting her own brand of ethical, organic skincare products. She was in need of a brand, including packaging and web design, and she wanted it to stand out and make people happy, but still look serious. She wanted something different than the average organic brand.

My solution is Lo Skincare. Lo, or lodjur, means lynx in Swedish. Not only does this reference Lisette’s initials in a subtle way, the lynx is also a fitting symbol for her brand. The lynx was on the verge of extinct in Sweden during the turn of the century, but after about 20 years of protection it recovered. To Lo Skincare, the lynx is a reminder that it pays off to try to make a positive impact. It is also a symbol for Swedish nature, which reinforces that some ingredients are locally harvested.

The logo comes in three versions for different contexts. The brand color is a deep blue on the verge of purple, symbolizing knowledge, power and integrity which rhymes well with the brand values. An important part of the company is offering advice regarding skincare, so that the customer can make a well-informed choice. As a part of this, the products are distinctly different in color, to make it as easy as possible to find products suitable for one’s skin type.

For the website, the first priority is selling Lo Skincare products. Since the brand aims to be as transparent as possible regarding ethics and ingredients, the Values page is the second most emphasized feature. As seen in the wireframes image, the first page also features recent blog articles, and through the footer it is easy to find ways to interact with the company.

The final result is a brand design that effortlessly enhances its values; quality, organic, fair and dermatologist developed. With a nordic touch.

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