Newbridge Brewery

Made in 2016

with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign

Newbridge Brewery is a fictional company. The project brief described a small, but growing, brewery owned by two brothers in Nybro, who were both interested in folk music and tattoos. They had just gotten a deal with Systembolaget to sell their beer. They needed a proper graphic identity that tied back to their home town, where their customer base was located at the time, but also was suitable for the big market.

The solution I came up with combines everything that the brothers needed to convey. The name of the brewery is in honor of their home town, and at the same time both internationalized and a bit humorous. The logotype is a modern interpretation of classic pub signs. It comes in three versions for different purposes; the initials, for example, to be used on bottle caps. The bottles carry a direct print in all white to reveal much of the brown bottle and content, bringing in yet another traditional element. The prints are an hommage to Swedish folk music, depicting some of its most iconic instruments.

This graphic identity includes a logotype, bottles for three kinds of beer, stationery material and a complete style guide.

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